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Our services are tailored to fit a wide variety of needs, whether you’re looking for remote e-design help, hands on styling, or working on a large-scale renovation, we can work with you to determine a plan that fits your project’s needs. 

Full-Service Design

Building a home or remodeling a space requires many decisions and details, and we are here to assist in every step of your project from design development to final installation. Our services are customized to each project to ensure the end result fits your specific needs. 


Design services may include: 

  • Consultations on site to determine the scope of your project

  • Design plan development including all required construction documents

  • Sourcing and purchasing of selected materials and fixtures

  • Project management on site and direct work with contractors and subs

  • Furniture installation and styling once construction is completed

Furniture + Styling

Whether you are moving into a new home or looking to refresh your space, we’re here to source, procure, install and style furniture and décor, making your space truly feel like home. 


Services include:

  • On-site consultation to walkthrough the space and determine the scope

  • Inspiration images and mood boards

  • Detailed furniture plans to determine the layout that best fits your needs

  • Purchasing and coordinating install of all furniture and décor for the space


Through pictures and virtual consultations, we can remotely assess your space and provide comprehensive design plans for you to create your dream space.  


Services include:

  • Inspiration images and mood boards

  • Recommendations for materials and finishes

  • Detailed furniture plans and elevations

  • Detailed shopping list for purchasing items directly

  • Installation guide to help execute your design.

Interior Styling


We provide interior styling services as the perfect finishing touch for your space. When you don’t need help with furniture or construction, but need that special touch to bring your final look together, we can source unique interior décor items, both new and vintage, to create a well curated space that captures your style and personality.


Services include:

  • Consultation in your space to discuss design plan and budget

  • Sourcing and purchasing materials used to style your space

  • An in-home styling session where we use existing and new pieces to style out the space

  • All items provided by designer are available to purchase after install is complete

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